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We have all heard this, “without risk there is no reward.” But that makes you think, how much risk should I take for the reward to be worth the risk?Is there a way to lower the amount of risk? The answer is a big YES! In primitive time of business age people often disregarded insurance as a burden but as entrepreneurs like you and me became more and more educated and aware of the risk and how that risk can be off set by utilizing a simple precaution – INSURANCE!

But there are so many insurances out there you might say. Where should I look? Which insurance is right for me? What are my options for the insurance? I know my risks in the Convenience store but what all will the insurance cover? Okay, lets answer all your questions. We are going to be strictly talking about the C-store insurance in this article.

C-store insurance has two main factors: Property and Liability. What’s included in Property? Property includes every tangible asset ranging from the actual building, canopy, pumps, signs, to electronic equipment.Liability includes General liability (slip & fall and other similar incidents), Liquor liability (if sold on site), Pollution liability (for gas), Employer practices Liability, and Workers’ compensation.

Jubilee Insurance is your one stop shop for the highest quality coverage with the most remarkable rates in the US market. At jubilee we provide the most suitable coverage without any underlying up-sale scheme. Jubilee insurance’s purpose is not just to insure your business but also to be available to you during a time of need. Jubilee is known for the 100% satisfaction ratein both providing the best coverage/rate and service.

Most of the frequently asked questions are answered below for your convenience. This short article covers the most basic of the insurance needs. If you have any questions regarding your insurance need and to check if you have the best or proper coverage, please check the FAQ below or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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